The summer study program of our college's undergraduates in Seoul National University has been successfully completed


    On July 21, 2019 solstice 25, a group of 13 undergraduates majoring in Safety Engineering in the School of Civil and Resource Engineering successfully completed the " Summer study program at Seoul National University" under the leadership of professor Cuifeng Du and Hui Wang. The project was invited by Professor Kim Tae-hwan of The Engineering Research and Development Center of Seoul National University (EDRC) and funded by the 2019 "XingZhi World" short-term exchange program for overseas undergraduates of University of Science and Technology Beijing and the "Ding Xin Bei Ke" program of the School of Civil and Resource Engineering. 

    On July 22, the "XingZhi World" team participated in the International Seminar on Systems & Safety Engineering, jointly organized by the Engineering Research and Development Center of Seoul National University (EDRC), KOSDI and Beijing University of Science and Technology. Firstly, professor Yanxie Yin, on behalf of the EDRC, extended a warm welcome to our teachers and students, and explained in detail the orientation and mode of talent cultivation of the EDRC center. Afterwards, professor Laizhe Li gave a detailed introduction on the purpose, member units and activities of KOSDI association. Finally, professor Dongyi Shen, with the title "Industry 4.0 and Safety", combined his own research projects and academic achievements, demonstrated in detail the advanced safety concepts and technologies in the context of the fourth Industrial Revolution. After the lecture, students had a full communication with the professors about their doubts.

    After the meeting, accompanied by the South Korean side, the “Xingzhi World” Team visited Xi Jinping Hall of Seoul University. Subsequently, the team visited the concrete structure laboratory, chemical engineering laboratory, limit performance testing center, Teknobuilt laboratory, etc. They got to know advanced equipment and its safety testing system such as concrete structure safety test device, ultra-high speed propulsion impact device, separated Hopkinson pressure bar.

    On July 23, the team went to Guangdukou Safety Experience Hall to experience the motion perception and escape process of simulating different natural disasters such as fire, earthquake and typhoon. Later, they went to Korea Fire Research Institute (KFI), visited the product chemical substance testing laboratory, fire supplies testing laboratory and so on, and learned about South Korea's advanced technology in the field of fire protection.

    On July 24, the team arrived in Busan and visited the Disaster Prevention Research Center, the Natural Disaster Simulation Laboratory and the Disaster Information real-time monitoring Conference room of the Korea National Institute for Disaster Management. Students visited the urban drainage system, debris flow simulation device and disaster information monitoring and management system to simulate the rainstorm.

    This activity not only deepened the students' understanding of Korean architecture, chemistry, fire protection, disaster prevention and reduction and other related safety fields, but also further enhanced their professional cognition and broadened their international vision. At the same time, it also provides effective reference for further expanding international exchanges among undergraduates. This project is the first time for undergraduates of Civil and Resource Engineering to go overseas for short-term study and exchange in the form of a group this year. In the future, we will continue to actively promote international cooperation and exchange to help the discipline construction and the development of the university.