Professor Kaiwen Xia from University of Toronto, Canada was invited to lecture in our school


    At the invitation of Professor Zhuoying Tan, Professor Kaiwan Xia of the University of Toronto visited our school from October 13 to 16. Professor Xia focused on the dynamic test research of deep rocks, focusing on the influence of high temperature, water and ground stress on the dynamic mechanical properties of rocks, and described the test methods, results and latest progress of deep rocks under confining pressure, such as dynamic tensile failure, dynamic fracture, dynamic bending and dynamic shear. The lecture was presided over by Professor Zhuoying Tan, attended by professor Yang Ju of China University of Mining and Technology, professor Lan Qiao of University of Science and Technology Beijing, professor Qian Gao, professor Xiaomin Zhou, etc. Teachers and students of master and doctoral students of School of Civil and Resource Engineering and other brother universities attended the lecture. During the lecture, teachers and students had a full exchange and discussion with professor Xia on hot issues in the field of rock dynamics and related fields, which benefited them a lot.