Dr. Roger White Interpreting mining landscapes


    Dr. Roger White, Senior lecturer, International Iron Bridge Cultural Studies Center, University of Birmingham, UK delivered a special report entitled "Interpreting Mining Landscapes"

    On the afternoon of October 9, 2019, the academic lecture on new graduate education jointly organized by the School of Civil and Resource Engineering and the Institute of History and Cultural Heritage of Science and Technology was successfully held in Classroom 204, Guanzhuang Campus, USTB, and Dr. Roger White, Senior Lecturer, International Iron Bridge Cultural Studies Center, University of Birmingham, UK was invited to give a special lecture entitled "Interpreting Mining landscapes".

    At the conference, Dr. Roger White firstly introduced the birth history of mining industry and the important position of mining industry in human society, and then explained the changes of mining methods with the increase of mining depth and difficulty in the past three centuries. Focusing on the industrial archaeologist's understanding of the industrial landscape, this report introduces the main features of mining and the evidence of human activity that can be obtained from mines, and explores in depth the methods used to determine the reasonable limits of mining and the relationship between technology and society. Finally, Dr. Roger White summarized the problem of industrial relics' removal and reuse when mines are exhausted.

    This lecture has a strong academic atmosphere. The teachers and students present listen carefully and actively participate in the discussion, which not only enriches their understanding of the mining landscape, deepens their thinking on the mining prospect, but also stimulates their strong interest in scientific research.