Our college carries out "cloud" condolence work for students who remain in school


   Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Party Committee of the School of Civil and Resource Engineering has been actively implementing the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control work, starting and deploying various work measures in a timely manner, and setting up the school's leading group for epidemic prevention and control, so as to grasp the dynamic information of the school in real time and earnestly carry out epidemic prevention work.

    To further implement the work requirement of "reducing staff aggregation" ,on the morning of February 28, entrusted by the Party Committee of the college, the student working group of the college sent 12 students (10 undergraduates and 2 graduate students) fruits, milk and other condolence goods through the contactless delivery service on the e-commerce platform, as well as the care and greetings from the teachers of the college. We hope that students in the school can strengthen their own protection, report epidemic prevention data on time every day, comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, arrange work and rest time reasonably, complete the academic tasks of the new semester on time through rain classes and other platforms, and contact counselors in time if they have difficulties.

    During the epidemic prevention and control period, under the unified deployment and leadership of the Party Committee of the University, the faculty and staff of the college have enhanced their political position, strengthened their responsibility, and actively cared for the majority of students, so as to make their own contribution to the early victory against COVID-19.