David I. Groves Preparing Papers For Western Journals And Preparing PPT Talks To International Conference


    David I. Groves, professor emeritus for life at the University of Western Australia, makes Preparing Papers For Western Journals and Preparing PPT talks to international conference presentations.

    On October 14, 2019, the geology lecture organized by Yuling Xie, professor of Resource Engineering, College of Civil and Resource Engineering, was successfully held in conference room 214, Tuhuan Building. David I. Groves, professor emeritus of the University of Western Australia and Honorary Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sciences, was invited. This lecture is divided into two parts. The first part is academic report by David, and the second part is academic report by members of the research group.

    In the first part of the report, David I. Groves talked about how to write scientific English. From "how to choose research topics" to "what research methods to adopt", to chart editing, to more detailed aspects such as English grammar, tenses, and preposition application in articles, David I. Groves emphasized the importance of logic in articles.

    In the second part of the report, professor David introduced the key points of making high-quality academic reports, that is, to be concise, to be focused, and to speak at a speed consistent with the speed of viewing. After that, Chesther, Chang Yu, and Yunwei Qu, graduate representatives of professor Yuling Xie’s team, made reports on their respective research topics. David I. Groves discussed with teachers and students present at the lecture, provided guidance and affirmed the research work of the three students.

    This lecture has a strong academic atmosphere, where teachers and students presented actively participate in the discussion and interaction, and is helpful to improve students' academic ability. We all learned a lot from it.