The COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Manual for Well work in mines compiled by our teachers has been officially published!


    At present, all industries have begun to resume work gradually. As a traditional high-risk industry, the mine industry is intertwined with accident prevention and epidemic prevention and control. Therefore, the management of well workers and mining enterprises during the epidemic is facing great challenges.

    Recently, the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Manual for Well work in mines, planned by Xueqiu He, professor of Safety Science and Engineering department of our college, edited by associate professors Gongda Wang and Dazhao Song and reviewed by professor Longzhe Long, was officially published. In terms of preparation for the resumption of work and production of the well mining enterprises, the main links of the daily production and operation process and the emergency management and control, this manual puts forward the corresponding preventive measures, and puts forward relevant Suggestions for the well mining enterprises and employees to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

    Since the outbreak of the epidemic, our college has been actively implementing the instructions of the central government and specific prevention and control measures. The faculty and staff have taken the initiative to give full play to their professional expertise and actively participated in the epidemic prevention work through various forms, making their own contributions to winning the battle against the epidemic.