Professional scientific research party members fight in the front line. The teachers and students of USTB helped fight the epidemic -- the teachers and students of USTB participated in the joint scientific and technological breakthrough of the exhaust des


   Led by associate professor Zhen Xu from the Department of Civil Engineering, the five-member research group gave full play to their subjective initiative and participated in the joint scientific and technological research of rapid analysis of air exhaust environmental pollution in anti-epidemic hospitals led by Tsinghua University, which provided an important basis for the design of air exhaust in Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital.

(The construction site)
    Associate professor Zhen Xu, from The School of Civil and Resource Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, led five graduate students, including Yuan Wu, Qiaorui Xue, Furong Zhang, Mingzhu Qi and Yajun Yang, participated in the research of the rapid assessment of the environmental impact of hospital emission of harmful gases, and provided technical support for the design of temporary hospitals.

(Hazardous gas track and concentration isosurface in Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital (Average wind speed in Winter in Wuhan, easterly wind))

(Trajectory and isosurface concentration of harmful gases over Raytheon in Wuhan (average wind speed in Winter in Wuhan, southwest wind))
    The joint research work, Zhen Xu teacher’s group participate in, can rapidly and accurately evaluate the harmful gas of outdoor air pollution effects, helped design optimization of the air outlet mouth’s position and height, and finally to the wind direction and wind speed under common fresh air near the mouth of the harmful gas concentration control in significantly lower limit range, and the construction of hospital is enforced, thus reducing the risk of secondary pollution, and guarantee the safety of both the hospital and the surrounding environment.

    In addition, with the support of Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute Co. LTD, the joint research achievements of Zhen Xu and others have been applied in the recent ward building upgrade and renovation project of Beijing Tiantan Hospital (Beijing first infectious disease hospital), and have also contributed to the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic in Beijing.

Teachers and students of the School of Civil and Resource Engineering, based on the overall situation, gave full play to their professional advantages and use scientific research to help control and prevent wars. From New Year's Eve to the beginning of the semester, they carried out continuous simulation experiments, showing strong scientific research spirit and fighting capacity, and contributed to the national fight against COVID-19 epidemic.