Professor Jinyue Yan, chief editor of international energy journal Applied Energy, was invited to give an academic report in our college


    On the afternoon of July 13, 2019, at the invitation of associate professor Hui Xie and professor Hongqing Song from the Department of Built Environment and Energy Engineering, College of Civil and Resource Engineering, Professor Jinyue Yan, academician of European Academy of Science and Art and professor of Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, came to our college for an academic visit. As the chief editor of international energy journal Applied Energy (IF=8.426), professor Jinyue Yan made a fascinating report on "Views from an Editor-in-Chief, a Reviewer, and an Author" to our teachers and students.

    Professor Jinyue Yan shared his experience on how to publish papers in top international academic journals from three different perspectives: chief editor, reviewer and author. He pointed out that the essential purpose of a good academic paper is to communicate and share with readers, so readers' feelings should be paid attention to when writing a paper. At the same time, professor Yan summarized ten steps of publishing high-level academic papers according to his own experience.

    The present teachers and students actively questioned professor Yan on the issues related to the publication of the paper and gained a lot. Finally, all the teachers and students expressed their heartfelt thanks to professor Jinyue Yan for his visit and exchange.

    This academic report is of great guiding significance to the publication and writing of high-level journals of each student and teacher. Meanwhile, it expands the academic horizon of teachers and students, enriches the scientific research ideas, and helps to improve the scientific research ability.