The highly cited paper of professor Weidong Song of USTB won the Best Paper Award of the Swiss Journal in 2019


   Recently, the best paper award for 2019 has been announced by Swiss journal Minerals, the paper received this honor was entitled "Evaluation of Viscosity, Strength and Microstructural Properties of Cemented Tailings Backfill", published in Minerals (JCR2 district, SCI publication source, impact factor of 2.25). Professor Weidong Song from our college is the corresponding author and young teacher Dr. Shuai Cao is the first author. Based on the viscosity, strength and microstructure of tailings backfill, this paper explores the mechanical influence mechanism of different lime sand ratios and slurry concentrations and explores their internal quantitative relationship, so as to provide data support for subsequent prediction of viscosity and strength.


    Meanwhile, according to the results of our school's dynamic bulletin of Essential Science Indicators (November 2019), this paper was listed in the top 1% of the world's ESI highly cited papers, and the University of Science and Technology Beijing and the Key Laboratory of Efficient Mining and Safety of Metal Mines of The Ministry of Education were the first and second signed units and communication units respectively.