The visiting scholars from the School of Civil and Resource Management donate masks to the Department of Mining at UBC University, Canada


    Since March, COVID-19 has spread rapidly in North America, with the number of confirmed cases rising, schools were closed and masks were in short supply.

    The University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) and the University of British Columbia (UBC) have many years of friendly communication experience. Many teachers from the School of Civil and Resource Engineering of USTB have been visiting scholars in UBC Department of Mining. When learning the lack of masks among teachers and students in the UBC Department of Mining ,which seriously affected personal epidemic prevention, Pingfeng Fu, Yuye Tan, Shuang You, Gouqing Li, and Zhengyao Li, five visiting scholars to UBC Mining department in our college, after consultation, urgently raised nearly RMB 10,000 yuan to purchase 1500 medical masks and donated them to all teachers and students of UBC mining Department to ensure their health and safety and send sincere blessings. At present, there are many Chinese students studying in UBC Department of Mining, including University of Science and Technology Beijing. Five teachers specially explained that they would donate 500 masks to the Chinese students in the department to help them survive the epidemic safely. After receiving the donated masks, the UBC Mining Department issued a special thanks letter to express their deep appreciation to the five grateful visiting scholars.

    This mask donation activity would help deepen the emotional connection between UBC and USTB and promote various communication activities between the two universities in the future.