Resource Economics and Management


1.Introduction to disciplines and majors

The establishment of the resource economics and management specialty is the particularity of the mining engineering discipline and the needs of resource economic development. The economic, scientific, feasibility of the resource development process and the resulting resource problems such as damage to other resources and sustainable development have become major issues facing my country in resource utilization.

The resource economics and management major is an interdisciplinary subject that includes mining engineering, land planning, ecological science, environmental science, management science, economics and other disciplines. It mainly cultivates resource development technologies for national resource-based enterprises and mineral management departments. , And understand high-level talents such as resource economic management, resource development and environmental assessment, and constantly meet the needs of high-level talents for resource economic development.

2. Training Objectives

The master's degree education in resource economics and management specializes in the development of comprehensive, professional and advanced professionals in the fields of mining engineering and economic management in the fields of ethics, intelligence, physical education, beauty, and labor, and proficient in resource development and management.

The recipient of the master's degree in this subject should have a broad basic theory and knowledge in minerals and land resources, mining industry, mining cities, mining enterprises, mine production safety and health, mining area environment and disaster prevention and mitigation, mining and sustainable development, etc. In-depth expertise, a good understanding of the status quo and development trends of the subject, can apply modern scientific theories and methods, experimental methods and information technology, complete scientific research or large-scale engineering design topics of greater significance, and make The result of innovation. Can use a foreign language to read professional books and periodicals, and has good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

3. Research direction

(1) Mining economy

It mainly studies the feasibility of mineral resource development, resource value assessment and investment decision-making, mineral product market supply and demand and price analysis, mining economic policy and economic mathematical model, optimization of mining enterprise operating parameters, coordinated development strategy of resources, environment and economy, etc.

(2) Mineral resources and land resource economy

Mainly research the problems of mineral resource availability assessment, mineral resource development and utilization strategy, mineral resource value assessment, mining rights assessment, mining area land resource utilization, and mineral resource development social cost.

(3) Geological and mining industry economy and sustainable development

Mainly researches the relationship between mining and social and economic sustainable development, mining's contribution to social and economic sustainable development, geology and mining industry organization, geology and industry structure, geology and industry policy, geology and industry development model and other issues.

(4) Geological engineering and technical economy

Mainly study the theory and method of technical and economic evaluation of geotechnical engineering and construction projects, the development strategy of mining enterprises, the theory and method of mineral resource development planning and design optimization, mine production planning and logistics optimization, mine production safety and health costs, mine mining environmental costs And other issues.

(5) Geological and mining information economy

Mainly study the application of modern information technology in the geology and mining industry, mining enterprises, and mining projects and their benefits and other issues. Including: digital mine theory and technology, deposit model and stereo visualization technology, mine CAD technology, data mining technology, mining enterprise planning and optimization, artificial intelligence and decision support system, mining management information system, etc.