Safety Technology and Engineering


1.Introduction to disciplines and majors

Safety technology and engineering is a subject that studies various factors that affect the production environment and the production process, endangering the safety status of producers, production equipment and industrial and mining enterprises, as well as basic theories, technical measures and modern management of safety engineering.

2.Research Direction

(1)Safety system engineering:

Apply the principles and methods of safety system engineering to study the causes and hazards of unsafe factors that are unique to industrial and mining enterprises during the production process, as well as the safety status evaluation and safety system analysis of factory and mining enterprises, and formulate and propose safety engineering technology and modern safety Management measures and methods.

(2) Industrial ventilation and dust removal technology:

Apply fluid mechanics, aerosol mechanics, air pollution control theory, computer science and other disciplines to study the basic principles and methods of industrial and mining enterprises related to ventilation, harmful gas and dust control; study the movement and distribution of various harmful gases and dust in the production process Law, and put forward relevant control measures.