Mineral processing engineering


Professional analysis

Mineral processing is one of the key links in the development and utilization of mineral resources. It mainly uses the principles and technologies of physics, chemistry and biology to realize mineral separation, enrichment and deep processing, so as to maximize the utilization of mineral resources. With the increasing depletion of mineral resources and the continuous promotion of new technology revolution, a large number of new technologies are integrated into all aspects of mining development, and mineral processing engineering is facing unprecedented development opportunities. At the same time, mineral processing technology also plays an indispensable role in the fields of environmental protection, secondary resource utilization, energy conservation and emission reduction, especially in the case of increasingly poor mineral resources and environmental pollution in China, the role of mineral processing will become more and more important.

Comparative Advantage

Mineral processing engineering is a traditional advantage discipline of Beijing University of science and technology, which enjoys high popularity and important influence at home and abroad. It is a secondary discipline of the national key discipline "mining engineering" of our university, with the right to grant master's degree and doctor's degree. The first level discipline has a postdoctoral mobile station of mining engineering. As one of the main supporting disciplines, it has built "National Key Laboratory of new technology of iron and steel metallurgy" and "Key Laboratory of efficient mining and Safety Education Ministry of metal mines".

The specialty has outstanding advantages in new technology and equipment for mineral processing, new technology for utilization of complex mineral resources, mineral materials, new technology for utilization of solid wastes, etc., and relevant research and technological development are in a leading position at home and abroad.

The major has a rigorous and innovative teaching and research team, with 14 teachers, all of whom have doctorates, including 6 professors (6 doctoral directors), 4 associate professors, 1 excellent talents of the Ministry of education in the new century, 1 chief scientist of the National 863 program, and 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences as part-time professors.

With crushing and grinding, separation, mineral materials, microbial leaching and other laboratories, all kinds of equipment, advanced analytical instruments.

Main Courses

On the basis of adhering to its own characteristics, the major adopts a wide caliber engineering training mode, with basic courses such as advanced mathematics, English, general chemistry, physics, computer, etc.; basic courses such as physical chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, fluid mechanics, mechanical drawing, etc.; mineral crushing engineering, mineral physical separation, mineral interface separation, mineral processing and research Research methods, mineral processing engineering design and other professional courses, in addition, there are mining environmental engineering, secondary resource utilization, green mine construction and other elective professional courses.

Scientific research practice

Students majoring in mineral processing engineering have rich opportunities for scientific research and practice, and excellent teams can get up to 10000 yuan of funding, which can be participated by all undergraduate students. The Department of mineral processing engineering provides scientific research conditions and mentors for the innovation team to assist in independent research and development.

Personnel Training

Through four years of study, graduates can master the basic theories and professional knowledge of mineral processing, mineral material preparation, mineral microorganism treatment, mine environmental protection, secondary resource utilization and other aspects, and have the practical ability to carry out scientific research, engineering design, production management, technical and economic analysis, mineral product development and other work related to mineral processing engineering, and become able to Independent analysis and solution of problems, with a strong sense of innovation, for the domestic and foreign modern mines, scientific research institutes, design units, equipment manufacturers and other senior engineering and technical personnel.

In recent two years, among the graduates of mineral processing engineering, there is one winner of "top ten academic stars of postgraduates", "one winner of nomination award of top ten academic stars of postgraduates", "one winner of President Medal", "one winner of excellent graduates of Beijing", "one excellent doctoral dissertation of Beijing", "Five Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Beijing University of science and technology".

In order to encourage students with both excellent quality and learning, we have set up special scholarships such as "meizhuo excellent scholarship" and "Fuxin Mining scholarship". At present, it is the scholarship with the highest amount and proportion in the University, which is specially awarded to students majoring in mineral processing.

International Exchange

The major has established good cooperative relations with many famous foreign universities and research institutes, such as the University of Michigan, the University of British Columbia, the University of Arizona, the University of Queensland, Australia, etc., which can provide students with inter university exchanges and opportunities to study abroad. In the past three years, 9 students have gone abroad for further education.

Future Development

Excellent students are encouraged to continue their studies. Graduates majoring in mineral processing engineering can work in government agencies, colleges and universities, research institutes, design institutes and processing and Utilization Enterprises in the fields of metal, non-metal and coal, engaging in management, teaching, scientific research, engineering design, production management, technical development and service, It can also be engaged in environmental protection, secondary resource development and utilization, energy conservation and emission reduction.