Building environment and energy application engineering


Professional analysi

The key task of the study and work of building environment and energy application engineering specialty is to create a healthy, comfortable and efficient modern artificial environment, covering the environment of ordinary residential buildings, public institutions, green buildings, data centers and even manned aircraft. To train advanced engineering and scientific research talents who can adapt to the development of modern architecture, to design reasonably the thermal and humid environment, air quality, light environment and sound environment in the building, to design and control the intelligent system of the building, and to put forward the design and transformation scheme for building energy conservation. This major can well cross integrate with materials, energy power, information science and other disciplines, fully absorb the latest theories and research results of various disciplines, and cultivate innovative and comprehensive talents with international vision.

Comparative Advantage

There is a long-term American teacher in this major. The domestic teachers are mainly graduated from Tsinghua University, Peking University and other 985 well-known universities, all of which have doctorates. More than 50% of the teachers have studied in the United States, Denmark, Australia and other famous foreign universities.

This major has obtained the key support of the Ministry of education, and has carried out large-scale upgrading and transformation of the original laboratory. It has purchased the copyright of Agilent gas chromatograph, differential scanning calorimeter, small-scale spectrum meteorological station in the United States, indoor air quality monitor and other advanced instruments and equipment, as well as TRNSYS, COMSOL and other professional simulation software. At present, it can carry out a series of teaching demonstration, research-oriented experimental teaching and scientific research on intelligent monitoring of building energy consumption, indoor air quality detection, etc.

In recent years, the discipline has carried out in-depth research on the development and utilization of renewable energy in the metallurgical industry and the improvement of the quality of the living environment in mines, and achieved outstanding results, forming the research characteristics of heating, gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning in Beijing University of science and technology. Scientific research focuses on the artificial environment of civil buildings, application technology and evaluation of new energy buildings, sustainable building technology and green energy utilization, equipment fault diagnosis and intelligent control, HVAC optimization and monitoring and dispatching, etc., making important contributions to solving energy utilization problems and sustainable development in metallurgy, power, mining and other industries.

Now there are master's and doctor's programs of "heating, gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning engineering".

Main Courses

In terms of curriculum, it embodies the concept and characteristics of "interdisciplinary, multi industry integration and multi field application".
Undergraduate students mainly study computer technology, electrical electronics, engineering mechanics, engineering thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, construction environment and energy application engineering drawing, construction environment, gas engineering, fluid transmission and distribution network, HVAC, construction environment testing technology and other courses.

Personnel Training

This major cultivates talents in two aspects: on the one hand, senior engineering technology and management talents, mainly aiming at social needs, who have solid theoretical knowledge, high engineering and management quality, and can be engaged in building energy-saving design, building energy-saving evaluation and analysis, building public facilities system design, healthy indoor environment construction, installation, commissioning and operation management of heating, air conditioning and gas systems Type. On the other hand, theoretical and innovative talents with certain scientific research ability can continue to study in energy transmission and conversion, indoor thermal environment, air pollution control, etc. During the semester, students can establish their own characteristics by taking different courses, participating in social practice and scientific and technological innovation activities.

Scientific research practice

Teachers of this major undertake multi-level projects such as national science and technology support plan, natural science fund, school enterprise alliance, etc., involving many fields such as architectural design, building materials, building energy conservation and air pollution control, providing students with rich opportunities to participate in scientific research practice.

During the semester, all students will be arranged to know the practice, production practice, engineering training and graduation design in a unified way, so that students can fully understand the equipment and systems involved in this major and get systematic training.

Under the guidance of teachers, students can also participate in national discipline competition, National College Students' energy conservation and emission reduction competition, national artificial environment discipline award competition and other science and technology competitions. The students of this major have made great achievements in various science and technology competitions.

International Exchange

Students can go to famous overseas universities for exchange and study through "international exchange program for excellent undergraduates".

Students also have the opportunity to obtain the support of the "excellent undergraduate international exchange program" of the national overseas study foundation. Students have already gone to University of California, Berkeley, Berlin University of technology, Waseda University, Taipei University of science and technology and other schools in the United States for half a year to a year of exchange study

Every year, experts and scholars from the United States, Britain, Denmark and other countries are invited to exchange visits, and foreign experts are invited to participate in all English teaching and short-term lectures.

Future Development

Every year, 40% - 50% of the graduates are recommended or admitted to graduate school without examination. Many of them are recommended to Tsinghua University, Peking University and other famous universities in China to study for graduate degree, and some of them get further study opportunities from famous universities abroad. After graduation, most of the students have the opportunity to work in government energy conservation and environmental protection administration, research institutes related to thermal science and building science, large and medium-sized architectural design and consulting at home and abroad, real estate related enterprises, joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises producing construction equipment and refrigeration and air conditioning products, and high-tech energy-saving technology R & D technology enterprises, especially some of the students who have been engaged in the research and development of energy-saving technology